La Princesse Insensible

It’s always so fun to unexpectedly find something beautiful. Last week my older sister was watching paper cut-out animation videos on youtube and came across this series of vignettes.

La Princesse Insensible is the story of many Princes seeking, by wondrous demonstrations, to bring the unmoveable princess to smile, and so win her hand.

There are thirteen 4 minute episodes, each representing a different prince, but I think it’s best to just watch a few (order doesn’t matter) and then the last one, WHICH IS IMPORTANT TO THE STORY. These are some of my favourites:

The first episode: The Tamer Prince.


My favourite – the Gardener Prince


The Meterological Prince


The Painter Prince


The Flying Prince


The final episode: The School Prince




Just before finding this, we had watched the un-american ending of Michel Ocelot’s Les Trois Inventeurs, and so were feeling distrustful of how he would end this one. We watched the first 12 on tenterhooks. Would it have a good conclusion? Would the last episode have any conclusion to it?

I think the simple end says something deep about love.



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