Present Company Excepted – A Reminisce on the Future pt. 1

Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits:
-Isaiah 30:10

My tables—meet it is I set it down
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain—

I just read E.B White’s essay, “The World of Tomorrow” in which he tells about his visit to the 1939 New York’s World’s Fair. The fair’s theme was “The World of Tomorrow” and the purpose of the fair was to give us a glimpse of the ‘World of Tomorrow’.  From E.B. White’s report of what he could gather at the fair, Tomorrow is going to be a lot smoother than today.


After Sunday’s morning sermon and before the potluck dinner, my front tooth filling fell out.

Owing to my funny bite, my bottom front right tooth had cracked my top front tooth, and so, when I went to the dentist for some cavity work, I asked them to fix the chipped tooth as well. I figured that if that local newspaper reviewer was right, (the one who saw me in a community theatre production of My Fair Lady when I was 15, and wrote that with my “boyish good looks” I was probably headed for Hollywood) –  if he was right, I should get that tooth fixed. Really, the  cracked tooth does not hurt as far as mouth misalignment problems go. It’s my temporomandibular joint that hurts.


I see this problem as an imperfection in my physical makeup. I think that there is a way a man’s jaw should be, and ways a man’s jaw should not be, that Adam and Eve were made perfect in the image of God, and that this imperfect fit of jaws and teeth in me is a departure (via mutations?) from that perfect pattern (note: I do not think a physical defects makes the one diseased less human. I just think diseases are departures from the bodies proper form). How would it be possible for an evolutionist to say that any change makes anybody’s body closer to, or further from, what a human body should be? In his belief there can be no fixed point of what our basic human form should be. Fare thee well two eyes, two arms and two legs, our descendants will be…..

We could be going anywhere.


Going to the dentist is fun.

Being there is not as fun. They always ask you questions  while  they have their tools in your mouth.


I was born in North Portland, in a tiny white house a block south of Lombard Street.  I now live in a medium sized white house a block north of Lombard.  Lombard is the highway 30 bypass through North Portland, and if you take it out through St. Johns and across the most beautiful bridge in Portland, you will be on the real Highway 30. Continue about a marathon’s distance north, and you will be in Columbia County where, between my times in North Portland, some of my formative years were spent. (When do the formative years end? When we die, that’s when – I think. ) When we moved back to Portland, my family kept the same dentist, so a visit to the dentist means the drive out past Sauvies Island to St. Helens, Oregon, county seat of Columbia County.


Come, gentle reader, let us visit St. Helens for a little while.

Present Company Excepted pt.2


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