The Courageous Knight

“My foe in view, my lance sits in its rest.
Who see me do believe I know no fear,
And it is true I do not fear this test.
I do not fear that foe, or any here.
And yet if now this solid earth should quake,
And suddenly the mighty mountains leap,
The ground should buckle ‘neath my horse and brake,
And open up great gashes dark and deep,
My plated courage would shake off like leaves,
Blown down in fall’s first gust. My bravery
Would slip like sand that through the hourglass sieves.
Or if my Lady said she loved not me
And turned and walked away without a tear”
He throws the foeman down – “Then should I fear!”

Knight overthrow
Image from The Story of King Arthur and His Knights by Howard Pyle (1903)


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