Romsdal pt.3

Romsdal pt. 1
Romsdal pt. 2

Romsdal the third part: In which Thorstein leaves Romsdal.

Thorstein pushed away his ale cup,
And in anger Mjoll’s son answered:
‘If incitement ever moved man
This was provocation plenty.’

Standing up, he left the mead-bench,
And he could not mask his anger
As he left his father’s feast-hall,
Hung with Ketil’s battle trophies.

One thought in the breast of Thorstein,
Beating with the blood of anger,
One thought in the mind of Thorstein,
Where his father’s taunting hammered-

‘I would liefer lie in darkness,
Lose my life in steel-sword fighting,
Never meet the hag of old-age,
Than again hear such reviling.

Now we’ll see if I inherit
Ketil’s luck that never failed him,
If my blade will feed the eagle,
Fix a feast for forest falcon.’

Thorstein then his steed up-mounted,
Pulled his cloak so blue about him;
On that day the old tree-breaker
Flew in cold from fjord and ocean.

Then from Romsdal’s grass-capped long-house,
Stable and stabbur, he turned his stallion,
Spurred him toward the grey-cliff’s shadow,
Sought the stony path to Oppland.

Romsdal pt. 4


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