A Sign?

Last night I went to a friend and his fiancée’s engagement party, and he told the guests stories of the path that led to their engagement. This was one of the stories. A sign along the path.

“I liked talking with Abigail, but we were not yet in a relationship when our dear patriarch Pastor Alexey Ivanovich greeted me in the lobby one day.” At this all the youth from his church  (everyone at the party but me and my brother) groaned, and there was some laughter. 

“I should explain to Caleb & Ethan that Alexei Ivanovich is the father of our pastor, and he is the church ‘matchmaker’. He will come up to a young man and ask him “How are you?” And when the young man replies ‘Good,’ he gently corrects him:“It is not good for the man to be alone.” 

It was after the service, and Abigail and I were standing together talking when he came up to me, put his hand on my shoulder, and asked “How are you Timothy?”  I replied “Good.” 

He looked at me, and he looked at Abigail standing with me, and he said “Good. That’s good Timothy.”


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